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Debt Consolidation – Charleston (SC)

We can help you consolidate the money you owe into a single payment amount.

For starters, you can just contact us. South Carolina Debt Consolidation can match you to a debt consolidation agency in accordance with how much debt you’ve got, your location, and your own priorities.

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The high rates of interest that come with credit card accounts can lead to substantial debt. Luckily, there are options.

In most cases, Charleston residents elect to combine their debts into a debt management program.

This sort of debt consolidation has many advantages:

  • Single Payment
  • Less Expensive Interest Levels
  • Waived Late Payment Fees

Also, DMP’s are one of the most affordable ways of consolidating debt in Charleston, SC, just $25-40 every month.

Charleston SC Debt Consolidation

Charleston (SC) Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Consolidation Companies Charleston SC

If you’ve got excellent credit, you can probably use a debt consolidation loan to pay down your credit balances.

If you get a debt consolidation loan in Charleston, SC, you can expect cheaper monthly bills and a fewer number of calls from collections companies. Since of course, your prior debts will have been paid off. Of course, you are simply exchanging unsecured debt for secured debt.

If you want to begin on the path to becoming debt-free, you really need to speak with a company that offers debt consolidation in Charleston, SC.

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Question Debt Management Home Equity Loan
Single Payment Per Month? Yes Yes
Good Credit Required? No Yes
Overall Debt Reduced? No No
Decreased APR? Yes Yes
Unfavorable Effect on Credit Report? No No
Collectors Cease Contacting You? Somewhat Yes
Must Have a Valuable Asset? No Yes
Could Lose Home? No Yes
The Length Of Time? 3-6 Years 10-15 Years

To figure out which alternative would meet your needs, you’ll want to request a debt consultation.

Consolidating Payday Loans: Charleston, SC

Have you considered debt consolidation in Charleston for payday loans?

Locals 1 Payday Loans 2 Payday Loans Behind
237,435 12,347 9,383 5,433

Have you found yourself past due on a number of pay day loans? Fear not, we can help you find a payday loan consolidation business in Charleston, SC, who will:

  1. Combine a variety of payday loans.
  2. Reduce excessively high payday loan interest levels.
  3. Develop a budget for repayment.
  4. Decrease collector telephone calls.

Do you want to find out more? Go here cash advance laws in SC.

Do You Need Credit Card Consolidation?

Any Charleston debt consolidation professional you speak to will need to learn how much debt you have that is non-secured. That means it isn’t supported by any asset. The most commonly seen types of debt on a monthly basis are:

  • Credit Cards
  • Pay Day Loans
  • Rent/Mortgage Payments
  • Other Credit Lines

In a perfect world, your monthly debts ought to comprise no more than one third of what you make. Such debts encompass both secured and unsecured debts:

  • Credit Card Accounts
  • Auto, Student, and Payday Loans
  • Mortgage Payments

For instance, suppose you make $1,536 each month, about average average in Charleston, then, ideally, you would spend no more than $553 a month. Of course, many Charleston residents have major debt, defined by a debt to income ratio (DTI) of 50% or higher. They’re spending more than $783 a month!

If your DTI is greater than 50%, it is time to speak to a debt consolidation consultant in Charleston, SC.

Looking for a Debt Consolidation Service in Charleston, SC

Regrettably, the debt relief industry has over the years been beset by fly-by-night businesses. However, we help you pick which debt consolidation companies in Charleston are trustworthy.

According to FTC guidelines, your Charleston SC debt consolidation consultant must offer the following information before you join their program:

  • Cost structure.
  • How long their program takes.
  • The amount that must be saved before they will speak with each creditor.
  • How your credit ranking will be affected.

Choosing a firm randomly is too chancy. You’ll want to speak with family or friends who have experience with certain companies, or allow us to put you in touch with a debt consolidation company in Charleston through our online web form.

Debt Consolidation Firms in Charleston, SC

  • Consumer Credit Counseling, 4925 Lacross Rd, 29406
  • Beacon Credit Services, 19 Forde Row, 29412
  • Behavioral Health Services, 4925 Lacross Rd, #215, 29406
  • CBR Systems, 2176 Savannah Hwy, 29414

Debt Collectors: Charleston, SC

One of the worst issues with debt is dealing with debt collectors. If you would like to file a complaint against a debt collector, that can be done here:

  • Credit Adjustment Bureau, 2230 Technical Pkwy, 29406-4930