Debt Relief

Money Saving Tips

Do you have a trip on your bucket list or a pricey item on your wish list? Like with everything else in life, success is only achieved by developing a clear plan and executing it.  Wish lists and bucket lists can serve as a source for inspiration, but concrete plans can actually serve as motivation. […]

Ways Being Too Frugal Can Hurt

Frugal living and sticking to your budget are admirable traits. Each is to be commended. To be a doomsayer, there are ways that you can be so frugal that you actually hurt your wallet and yourself. Here are a few. Free promotions often have hidden costs. Buy two get one free offers often lead people […]

What Debts Can A Debt Relief Company Help With?

It is becoming difficult to avoid listening to or seeing an ad for a debt relief company. It is an unfortunate sign of the financial health of many Americans. What these ads do not cover in their short 30 second spots is what types of debt can be handled under a debt relief program. Debt […]

5 Questions To Ask A Debt Settlement Company

All too often, debt settlement is a scam. Companies ask for high fees and make grand claims that they can not meet. No one can eliminate all of your debt. The Federal Trade Commissionv (FTC) has banned debt settlement companies from collecting fees upfront, but these companies are finding ways around the rules, such as […]

3 Money Conversations To Have With A Potential Spouse

By the time you have begun to consider someone as a potential spouse or life partner, you have most likely shared a great deal. Your hopes, dreams, and your bed. You are now considering sharing more; perhaps children and the remainder of your life. Despite all of this sharing, talking about money still seems, well […]

How To Spring Clean Your Personal Finances

Ah, the weather is beginning to improve, the garage needs cleaned, the house could use a good airing, and your personal finances need to be brought into perspective. Here are five ways to spring clean your personal finances in 2012. Start out by getting your tax information organized. Buy a few folders…one for vehicle related […]