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3 Money Conversations To Have With A Potential Spouse

By the time you have begun to consider someone as a potential spouse or life partner, you have most likely shared a great deal. Your hopes, dreams, and your bed. You are now considering sharing more; perhaps children and the remainder of your life. Despite all of this sharing, talking about money still seems, well weird. You must have these three money talks with a potential partner or spouse to prevent nasty surprises.

  1. Credit history is not a typical topic at the dinner table, but it has to be. What if your potential partner has bad credit and you want to buy a car or get a mortgage? Do you want to find out when you go to the bank?
  2. You need to know how much debt a potential spouse has before it becomes a problem. If they are swimming in debt, you will be taking it on after the ceremony.
  3. The old issue of shared accounts, separate accounts, or a combination of both must be addressed before you co-habitat.

Many people are amazed by how money matters can stress their relationship. Anyone of these issues could derail your relationship if they are ignored. A simple conversation may prevent a nasty divorce, or having to go through a debt consolidation program in Anderson, SC together (and you thought marriage counseling would be bad).