Debt Relief

How To Spring Clean Your Personal Finances

Ah, the weather is beginning to improve, the garage needs cleaned, the house could use a good airing, and your personal finances need to be brought into perspective. Here are five ways to spring clean your personal finances in 2012.

  • Start out by getting your tax information organized. Buy a few folders…one for vehicle related expenses, one for household expenses including repairs, and another for charitable contributions you may make along the way.
  • Toss out old paperwork. You have enough clutter with current items.
  • Send for a free credit report and correct any errors that you find.
  • Formulate a plan to pay down your credit card debt. Even if you pay 25% over the minimum on the card with the highest interest rate, you will improve your financial situation. This can help you avoid having to work with a debt consolidation company in SC.
  • Assess your tax withholding. Did you get a large return this year? Do you really want to let Uncle Sam use that money all year? Why not adjust your withholding status to keep a few more dollars in your pocket each week?

Spring cleaning your personal finances could lead to more on time payments and a higher credit score. Not to mention, relieving some of the stress at tax time next year.